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"I love the photos, and I really love the commentary." Y.W., Maaleh Adumim
"Thank you! Your photos tell stories... Both your photos and writing give a heartfelt understanding so many of us need to see, hear and share." J.B.

The Vision of Islam

The infidel and the heretic in disarray, fleeing, decapitated and burned alive, their property confiscated or destroyed, their women cowering in fear of kidnap and rape, the true believer triumphant – this is the “better” future that Islam envisions and toward which it has been struggling since the day its Prophet Muhammad first heard the call of the Angel Gabriel.

Judaism’s beginnings are rooted in the cultures of the ancient Near East, brutal autocracies whose idolatrous religions featured child sacrifice and temple prostitutes and whose military tactics included massacring entire towns and enslaving captured populations to build massive royal tombs. …

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To Serve God or to Serve the Children Dinner?

Rabbinical Portrait Gallery

Without the votes there would be no handouts, without the handouts there would be no followers, without the followers there would be no all-powerful rabbis. Altogether a vicious circle of impoverished people convinced they are serving God but are actually serving the rabbis and political hacks who have cobbled together an elaborate self-serving monster of public piety and private venality and oppression.

According to a report by UNICEF, “Children of the Recession,” Israel has the fourth-highest child poverty rate in the developed world. Between 2008 and 2013, child poverty in Israel increased from 35.1 percent to 35.6%, ranking Israel fourth …

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A Street Photographer’s Paradise

יום הסטודנט

None of the oppressive conformity of twenty-first century urban life here. No dour beaten-down designer-bedecked masses scurrying along, staring at their feet, deep in thoughtless thought, rushing off to the offices and factories they never want to see again. No one is alone. Everyone has come to town with a friend, or run into one there, and they’re all jabbering loudly away in a Babel of tongues, not stopping for a moment.

If America is supposed to be a crucible taking in huge numbers of vastly different people from every corner of the earth, melting them down and spitting …

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