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"I love the photos, and I really love the commentary." Y.W., Maaleh Adumim
"Thank you! Your photos tell stories... Both your photos and writing give a heartfelt understanding so many of us need to see, hear and share." J.B.

The Vision of Islam

Judaism’s beginnings are rooted in the cultures of the ancient Near East, brutal autocracies whose idolatrous religions featured child sacrifice and temple prostitutes and whose military tactics included massacring entire towns and enslaving captured populations to build massive royal tombs. The Hebrew slaves who escaped this dismal fate emerged from their desert wanderings with a Torah that rejected those cultural mores and enjoined the Israelites to build a better world, where the weak would be treated with compassion and everyone from king to pauper subject to the same law, and assured them that one day the lion would lay down …

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To Serve God or to Serve the Children Dinner?

Rabbinical Portrait Gallery

According to a report by UNICEF, “Children of the Recession,” Israel has fourth-highest child poverty rate in the developed world. Between 2008 and 2013, child poverty in Israel increased from 35.1 percent to 35.6%, ranking Israel fourth worst in the developed world behind Greece (40.5%), Latvia (38.2%), and Spain (36.3%).

The unemployment rate in Latvia is 10.8% and in Greece and Spain it is above 25% (with youth unemployment about double), but Israel’s unemployment stands at about 6.3%, so why are there so many poor children here? The reason is that Israel’s official unemployment rate doesn’t include the willfully unemployed, …

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A Street Photographer’s Paradise

יום הסטודנט

If America is supposed to be a crucible taking in huge numbers of vastly different people from every corner of the earth, melting them down and spitting them out as red-blooded tobacca-chewin’ beer guzzlin’ cowboys, Jerusalem is its polar opposite. All kinds of people arrive here from all kinds of places, proudly announce that they have finally come home and then go on defiantly living exactly as they lived in the old country, as if they were still drawing their water from a well, still keeping the girls behind lock and key until they can sell them off to the …

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